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игры с итами на деньги

Игры с итами на деньги

The film features a queer and trans ensemble of artists, activists, plumbers, and scientists. Rife with double entendre, musical numbers and stunning art direction, The Gold Fish Casino conjures a world at once fantastical and eerily familiar.

Following the screening, director Sarolta Jane Vay, игры с итами на деньги consultant and performer Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, and playwright July Hazard will gather for a lively conversation with the audience about their collaborations through the lenses of art, environmental, and queer practices and ideologies.

Sarolta Jane Vay (Director, The Gold Fish Casino) is an artist and filmmaker working through themes of mutual aid, public imaginations, and queer ecologies.

They teach in the Women and Gender Studies department at San Francisco State University, игры с итами на деньги previously worked as an analog video archivist among many other things. Cleo Woelfle-Erskine (Associate Producer and performer, The Gold Fish Casino) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and affiliate in the Comparative History of Ideas. His research focuses on ecological and social dimensions of human relations to rivers and their multi-species inhabitants, and speculative колхоз игра с реальным выводом денег collaborative approaches to renewing human-water-fish relations.

Trained in ecology, geomorphology, social science, and feminist science and technology studies, he facilitates collaborative research in partnership with tribes, agencies, игры с итами на деньги citizen scientists. His manuscript in progress is Underflow: Transfiguring riverine relations. Courtesy of the artist.

Imaginary Explosions (video still).

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Игры с итами на деньги



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Игры с итами на деньги



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